Valve Refurb


What happens to the compressor valves when you have your compressor serviced?


The chances are they either end up thrown into the corner of the compressor room or directly into the skip.


Why not let us get them refurbished for you to hold in stock in readiness for the next service or in the case of that unplanned emergency?

Getting your valves refurbished rather that just fitting a new one makes economical sense as the cost can be greatly reduced.

Gas & Air Services (UK) Limited offer a compressor valve refurbishment service for most suction, delivery and concentric valves.

All you need to do is return your valves to us at our address.
We will get the valve off to a reputable valve overhaul company who will make a full assessment of the valve.
We are then able to offer you a very competitive price and advise a speedy delivery.

All refurbished valves will be factory tested to ensure reliability.