Air Quality Tests

Where a breathing air system is in use, it’s important that the quality of air is regularly checked. Gas & Air Services (UK) Limited is able to undertake these tests at agreed intervals to ensure the health and safety of the end-user is not compromised.

All our test equipment is calibrated regularly and certification will be provided. Air Quality tested to EN12021.

Relief Valves and Pressure Gauges

To ensure your compressor and system operates within its safe working limits, it is important to keep you safety relief valves settings checked. Our engineer’s carry calibrated equipment that enables them to carry this out at the time of service with the minimum of disruption. Again certification is provided.

Hydraulic Testing

Certain parts of your compressor system require periodic testing to comply with the Pressure Systems Directive and any Written Scheme of Examination document you have. This also ensures a safe environment for you and your staff.

We are able to carry out this testing either at your site or at our facility. We will provide full certification as proof of the work.

This work can be carried out along with the service of your compressor saving time and money.