Maintenance of High/Low Pressure Air and Gas Compressors

Regular maintenance is an important factor in keeping your compressed air or gas system operating in an efficient and reliable manner; indeed it is a requirement of the current pressure systems regulations.

The consequences of a failure can at best be inconvenient and at worst bring your business to a complete stand-still. Servicing your compressed air or gas system as recommended by the manufacturer will minimise the possibility of breakdowns.

We have a team of engineers available to service all of your compressed air or gas equipment during the normal working week or at your convenience.

Service Agreements

Gas & Air offer a Service Agreement package that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of you the customer. We will attend site at the required intervals and carry out the maintenance needed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Gas & Air Services will contact you before each visit is due to make final arrangements.

In return for the commitment, Service Agreement customers benefit from peace of mind that in the event of an air or gas compressor failure, Gas & Air are only a phone call away.

Designed to alleviate the stress of remembering to have your compressor(s) maintained regularly, thus preventing costly production down time. Plan for maintenance, don’t wait for breakdowns

We will be pleased to send one of our engineers to discuss your requirements and provide you with a written quotation. Telephone or email us to arrange for an engineer to call today.